Undergraduate and post-graduate teaching

During the past more than a decade, I have annually given in average four to five courses on strategic management and technology management, both in English and in Finnish.

These courses range from large introductory courses with 200 participants to small seminar-based elective courses with a dozen participants.

Some of the elective courses qualify towards a doctoral degree. Moreover I have several years of experience of giving doctoral seminars for early-stage doctoral students, where particular emphasis is placed on the philosophy of science and research methodology.

Executive education

I have expertise in executive education particularly in strategic management and technology management.

Annually, I administer some ten executive education events, ranging from individual lectures to topical modules encompassing several days.

Teaching record

Detailed information concerning my teaching experience can be found in my curriculum vitae.

Recent publications

"Disruptive innovations in complex product systems industries: A case study". Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, vol. 33, Jul-Sept 2014, pp. 174-192.